Front Range Scientific Computations, Inc


Front Range Scientific Computations, Inc., located in Boulder, Colorado, was founded in 1990 for the purpose of conducting research and development of fast numerical methods and software for the solution of PDEs. Areas of expertise of company personnel include numerical solution of PDEs, multigrid methods, algebraic multigrid methods, mesh refinement strategies, and development of parallel algorithms and software. Scientists in the company have experience in a variety of applications including computational fluids, multiphase flow, structural mechanics, numerical weather prediction, and neutron and radiation transport. The company is the organizer of two series of conferences: the Copper Mountain Conference on Multigrid Methods and the Copper Mountain Conference on Iterative Methods.

FRSC consists of President Steve McCormick, Vice-President Tom Manteuffel, Computational Scientists Dr. John Ruge and Dr. Marian Brezina, and Business Manager Annette Anthony. The scientific staff is composed of experts in numerical analysis, scientific computing, and algebraic multigrid methods. FRSC has a long history of successfully completing government grants and subcontracts.


Front Range Scientific Computations, Inc.     PO Box 503 | Lake City, CO | 81235        480-332-2026